Bee Keeper’s Quilt Monthly Update: 7 (July)

Last month”s total: 64
This months hexipuffs: 4
This month’s total: 68

Apologies for the late post on the hexipuffs, I may have mentioned in other posts that I’ve moved house and I’m still without internet. Hopefully it will be sorted by the end of the week, but for now I’m stuck in cafes.

On the hexipuff front, I’m on my way to the puff-centenary. 68 little puffs now occupy a hammock in my bedroom. I know I only made four in the month of July but I’m continuing to work on them through August.
The four hexis I made this month are from faraway lands! The grey hexi is from yarn I got in a Tiny Owl Knits Ravelry card swap which came from Sweden, and the other blue hexis were made from yarn I got in another swap from Wales. It’s so cute to think they’ve travelled from another person’s stash and will one day have a place in my quilt. 
Here’s hexipuff heaven.




About snailishknits

22 years old. Knits, crochets, and pretends to sew. Lives in Dublin, Ireland.
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2 Responses to Bee Keeper’s Quilt Monthly Update: 7 (July)

  1. Very nice 🙂 How many hexipuffs in total do you need/want?

    • Thank you!! 🙂 To be honest, I’ve no idea. I want enough to make a queen-sized cover, right now I have about 2 square foot worth of puffs. So I need a lot pretty much.

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