Work in Progress Wednesday


My work in progress this week is surprise,  surprise socks. They are a plain vanilla pattern using Admiral R Druck yarn that I got while passing through Cork City about a week ago. When I first started them I wasn’t entirely sure if I liked the colourway but it’s grown on me since then. It’s a nice project for the busy two weeks I’m having. I’m not sure now whether or not I should try match stripes on both socks, something is telling me I should.


About snailishknits

22 years old. Knits, crochets, and pretends to sew. Lives in Dublin, Ireland.
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8 Responses to Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. Ruth says:

    I like the yarn, something bee like, which reminds me of summer, about them.

    • I agree! I actually bought it to see could I use it on stranded bumblebee socks, but decided against it when it used blue and the flecked parts. They’ll be a nice reminder of summer in winter!

  2. soknitsome says:

    Lovely. If you feel you maybe should match the stripes then I reckon you’ll regret it later if you don’t!

  3. That is some awesome patterning on the yarn! And totally go for matching socks (I generally don’t, but I like non-matching socks)

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