Bee Keeper’s Quilt Monthly Progress Update: 5



 Last Month’s Total: 47
This Month’s Total: 62
I must have missed a post at one point, but this month I managed 7 hexipuffs.


The quilt is growing!


Here are this month’s highlights. I kept them in a separate bag while I was making them to keep track of how many I made.


This is done in Regia 4ply Ombre Stripes. I love this yarn so much, and made this hexi with the same cable from Socks on a Plane. 


This hexi was made as a test to see how the Knitglobal yarn I got in Edinburgh (colourway: Candy) knitted up. I love this hexi, I can’t wait to make some more with the leftovers I have from the socks I knitted with this.!


 Finally, I knit a couple of hexis using leftovers from my Fruit Salad socks. These are one of my favourite puffs, I hope to get a good few knitted up from my leftovers!


I know I have a long way to go, but I finally feel like my quilt is beginning to take shape. 
Until next month!


About snailishknits

22 years old. Knits, crochets, and pretends to sew. Lives in Dublin, Ireland.
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2 Responses to Bee Keeper’s Quilt Monthly Progress Update: 5

  1. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Maybe I need to go on Ravelry more.
    Where did you get the inspiration for this?

    • I saw on Ravelry! The pattern is called the Bee Keeper’s quilt. The finished projects look even more impressive, I must say!!
      The basic idea is that it’s made of hundreds of puffs made from leftover sock yarn. Thanks for commenting!

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