Washcloth Madness

My very first college friend is moving to Paris this summer with her boyfriend. We met in French class in first year and we’ve been friends for three years now. So as a house-warming/birthday present I decided to make her an Eiffel Tower washclothImage 

It was pretty bitter-sweet for me to make this. On one hand I’m so happy that she’s living her dream and moving away (and she is only going for three months) but on the other hands I’m sad that I won’t see her as often any more because we’re graduating. It’s also going to be her first time living away from home, so I’m happy that my washcloth gets to be in her first home.


The second washcloth I made was one for my mam for Mother’s Day (which was the 31st of March). After having seen the one I had made for Dawn, my mam went on about how soft it was and how nice it was, so since we were getting her “relaxing” things for Mother’s Day (candles, soaps, bubble bath) I thought I would make her one too, so I chose the Be My Dishcloth pattern on Ravelry.Image


She was delighted with it, and I was very happy with how it turned out. I used Rico Design Creative Cotton Aran to make both of them and while on one hand it was so smooth to knit with and felt so great, I found the yarn very splitty, especially in the first row, but also throughout and it wasn’t very forgiving to mistakes. Aside from that, it was wonderful yarn and I definitely would get it again and it feels so lovely to use it as a washcloth. 

Since both cloths used way less than the 50 grams I had for each one I decided to make myself two little re-usable make-up removers:



For these I just cast on about 18 stitches and knit til it made a decent size. They’ve very cute and quick to make and great for taking off make-up. I’ll probably get around to making some more with the rest of my scraps but seeing as I don’t wear make-up very often two will do for now. I like not having to use cotton buds any more, I think these feel a lot nicer against my skin. I would have crocheted circles, but of course I’m crochet challenged so knitted squares it is!


About snailishknits

22 years old. Knits, crochets, and pretends to sew. Lives in Dublin, Ireland.
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3 Responses to Washcloth Madness

  1. sarahinskeep says:

    How cute! I love it!

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