Bee Keeper’s Quilt Monthly Progress: 1 (repost)

Originally posted on my blogspot account

Intention is to update monthly on hexipuff count and my progress


 A selection of my puffs (12 taken in January)

1/2/14 Puff population: 14
Ten of the puffs are from a skein of Tiger yarn 25% acrylic 75% wool, khaki colours. Each skein is made up of <170 meters so I’m quite surprised with how many I’ve got at this point and still have enough yarn for a good few more I would imagine.
Four of the puffs are from the leftovers from an old sock made of the same yarn but in black and pink (do not particularly like these colours though). Still have another skein of this left and some left overs from current part, perhaps one more puff.
I have bought two more skeins of this yarn (2 euro a ball) that are unused. I am allowed to buy more when at least one of them has been completely used up. I think it’s good yarn for “filler” puffs in this project, although I’ve yet to knit any nice ones with yarn I really like yet.
20/1/14 At my size of puffs I apparently need 467 puffs to make a king sized quilt (go big or go home) no biggie. Right now I have nine. 

About snailishknits

22 years old. Knits, crochets, and pretends to sew. Lives in Dublin, Ireland.
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